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Reserves Boulevard

Investing in

Spring Hill's Future.

"Great Communities are Intentional, not Accidental."
Nelson C. Andrews
Constructing Roads
Commonwealth Drive and Reserves Blvd were completed in 2014 through Public / Private partnerships.
Financial Stability
Since being elected in 2005, Spring Hill's financial condition is strong. Monthly Local Sales Tax revenues have increased roughly 400% during that period, supporting Fire, Police and day to day operations of the City. In 2014, we received our first ever rating of 'AA' by Standard & Poor's.
Building Greenways
Tanyard Springs Walking Trail. Funded through a T-DOT Enhancement Grant awarded to the City of Spring Hill in 2011. Construction completed in 2015, linking Tanyard Springs subdivision to commercial shopping and Heritage Elementary and Middle schools in Thompson's Station.
Rippavilla Plantation
The Rippavilla Due Diligence Panel completed a report in December 2016 outlining how Rippavilla could be conveyed to the city, which would continue operation of it as a museum and park.
Spring Hill Skate Park
In 2014, we completed construction of Spring Hill Skate Park, funded by a $280,000 State of Tennessee Parks and Recreation Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grant.
Improved Access to Medical Care
Tri-Star Emergency Room at Spring Hill opened in 2013. With our support, Tri-Star Centennial submitted a certificate of need for the emergency room and medical office building in 2010.
Waste Water Treatment Plant Expanded
In 2016, we completed expansion of our Waste Water Treatment Plant, doubling its capacity and preparing the system to serve our community well into the future.
In 2015, we completed a Major Thoroughfare Plan that places emphasis on inter-connectivity, and the long-term planning and construction of major roadways in Spring Hill.
Alexander Trail
Located on the grounds of Thompson's Station Park and Williamson County's Heritage Park, this natural surface trail meanders approximately 3 miles between the two. Designed, funded and constructed by Outdoor Encounter.
Longview Recreation Center
The City of Spring Hill partnered with Williamson County to fund 50% of the construction of this top of the class Recreation Facility.
Curbside Recycling
In 2013, in a partnership with Waste Management, we began curbside recycling.
Peter Jenkins Walking Trail
We completed the Peter Jenkins Walking Trail connection in Wyngate Estates in 2012 to connect the 19 acres of community Open Space in Wyngate to Allendale Elementary.
Neighborhood Sidewalk Program
Allendale Elementary Walk to School Day in Benevento Subdivision.

We created the NSP program for the City to partner in requests for multi-modal projects, which traditionally can take a long time to prioritize within a standard capital improvement construction program. Projects completed include Wyngate Estates, Campbell Station, Crowne Pointe, Benevento, and Golf View Estates.
Comprehensive Plan
In 2016, we updated and adopted our new Comprehensive Plan, "Spring Hill Rising: 2040". The new "Spring Hill Rising: 2040" plan guides the growth and development of our city for the next 25 years and serves as the framework for how our planning decisions are made.
Bicycle and Greenway Plan
In Summer 2015, the BOMA approved The Spring Hill Bike & Greenway Plan to lay out where bicycle and greenway facilities are needed and how they should look when incorporating them into new developments.
Spring Hill Major Thoroughfare Plan
The City of Spring Hill in July 2015 completed, and the BOMA approved, a Major Thoroughfare Plan, mapping out the long-term needs of Spring Hill's major roadways through 2040. The City now has a clear "road map" of the new roadways that our City needs. Planners and Developers now know what is expected and the improvements that will be required as new development occurs.
Collaboration and Planning
Regional Collaboration
Graduate of Transit Citizen Leadership Academy in 2013. The Transit Citizen's Leadership Academy was conducted at Lipscomb University’s Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership to explore effective methods to promote the importance of a regional approach to transit and transportation issues.
Government Transparency
A city that is engaged with its citizens is a city serving its citizens. City of Spring Hill Website now is easier to use, with even more information, promoting transparency and service to our residents.
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