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A Plan for Our Roads.

Our Major Thoroughfare Plan places emphasis on needs for new and planned upgrades for Arterial and Collector Roadways - roadways designed to handle additional capacity with multiple connections to disperse traffic during peak hours.  We have completed Preliminary Planning on Arterial roadways like Buckner Ln, Buckner Rd and Crossings Circle South, but we have not yet completed Design and Engineering for these projects.  We must fund and complete Design and Engineering of these projects to bring these projects to the stage where they can be constructed.

2).  Complete Design and Engineering Plans to bring more projects to "Shovel Ready".
3).  Cut through the Bureaucratic Red-Tape by building solid relationships with Regional Partners.

We must continue to build relationships with our neighboring communities, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (the gate keeper of the purse strings for all Federal and State transportation funding dollars.)  Due to the pay-as-you-go funding policy at the State, it is critical that we have regional cooperation when limited funding does become available.  We are starting to have success in this regard.  Because of the relationships that we have made, more projects are now eligible for State and Federal funding assistance, Duplex Rd is being widened, Saturn Parkway is being extended to Beechcroft Rd, and a bridge over the Railroad tracks at Beechcroft Rd will be constructed.  But there is much more work to do.  Main Street must be widened, a new interchange to Interstate 65 must built.  These projects will simply not occur without support from our regional partners.

1).  Secure funding and leverage Private / Public funding opportunities.

I will work to fund our major road projects with Private / Public partnerships, just like we were able to do with Commonwealth Dr and Reserves Blvd.  We must explore every opportunity to leverage public and private funding to build our roads, particularly when they will benefit future development.  Although we have discussed using a few tools that other communities have successfully implemented like Tax Incremental Financing or creating Special Assessment Districts, we have yet to move forward with these opportunities.  Bottom line, there is no "Free Money".  However, State Law does provide a variety of tools for local governments to raise money and fund construction for major road projects.

We have made great progress over the past 12 years.  Use the slider below to see the progress we’ve made in securing Federal and State Funding for Spring Hills Roads.

Move Slider to the Right => to view projects eligible for funding as of 2005

Move Slider to the Left <= to view progress we've made as of 2016

Red = Projects programmed for Federal and State Funding.

Jonathan Duda Plan for Spring Hill Major Road Projects

How will we make progress on constructing our Major Road Projects?  Committing local funding to complete Planning, Engineering, and Property Acquisition Phases escalates TDOT and MPO Planning Year Horizons and programmed funding for construction.  That is why we must commit to additional funding to complete these phases and bring these projects to "Shovel Ready".

My Detailed Road Plan Consists of:

Experience is critical to cutting through the bureaucratic red-tape. There are over 200 steps* outlined in T-DOT's Locally Managed Project process overview flow chart.  Projects that receive state or federal funding must follow this process or risk forfeiture of that funding.

I have the experience of working through this process.  We've just completed this process on the Spring Station Multi-Use Trail and the Tanyard Springs Walkway.  These two Multi-Use Trail projects may have not been the largest projects, but they prepared us for the Duplex Rd Widening Project that went through the same exact steps.

This experience is going to be critical to complete our remaining major road projects.

* Additional steps may be required based on each individual project's needs.

TDOT Locally Managed Process Overview Flow Chart